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What are the problems in the use of plastic shredders

Summarized some of the more common problems in the use of plastic shredders, which can prevent everyone from using them. 

This can reduce the cost of users to a certain extent and improve the performance of all aspects of shredders: 

1. In operation, not There should be card magnetism and friction sound. 

2. Start no-load operation of the motor. If the technical conditions of each part are normal, the load can be operated only after the rotation speed is normal. 

3. The sieve should be installed firmly, sealed, and no leakage, and the sieve frame should be tight.

4. If abnormal noise, discharge blockage, bearing or motor overheating is found during the work, the feeding should be stopped, stop and check to eliminate the fault.

 5. At the end of the work, it should be run empty for 2-3 minutes. After the materials in the machine are completely eliminated, the crusher and fan can be stopped. 

6. Safe production must be strictly guaranteed during operation. It is strictly forbidden to increase the speed of the shredder at will. Check the cotter pin on the pin frequently. If it is excessively worn or cracked, it should be replaced immediately.


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