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What are the latest technologies for PP and PET pelletizing and recycling?

PET bottle recycling pelletizing process
PET bottles are one of the plastics that we have a wide range of daily uses. PET bottle recycling and pelletizing Preh is also one of the current recycling methods. After years of development, the PET bottle recycling and pelletizing process has become increasingly mature.

After PET bottles are recycled and pelletized, they can be used to make staple fibers, and they can also be used to make filaments after being thickened. This fiber is widely used in our daily lives. At the same time, it also avoids the difficulty of recycling PET bottles, which causes environmental pollution. The Purui process can make the recycling and pelletizing of PET bottles simple and easy to achieve.

At present, the recycling and pelletizing of PET bottles is a way to avoid the human living environment, and the recycling of PET bottles is gradually realized. According to statistics, more than 3 million tons of PET bottles are discarded in the world every year, and only one-third of the PET bottles can be recycled and pelletized. A large number of PET bottles are still discarded, which has an immeasurable impact on the environment.

Therefore, there is still a long way to go for the research and wide application of PET bottle recycling and granulation technology.
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