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Waste plastic business opportunities

The recycling and reuse of waste plastics has always been a social problem. How to use technology innovation to eliminate waste of resources, form a sustainable development mode, and promote the development of the recycling industry. The following cases may bring you some inspiration.
       Plastic paving, safe and environmentally friendly
       There is a great safety hazard on the pavement, and improper disposal of waste plastics is harmful to the environment, and the British company MacRebur found a balance point. By mixing recycled plastic into the asphalt, the asphalt is more elastic and strong, creating a stronger, more environmentally friendly road that is easy to maintain and lay. This approach not only reduces production costs, but also recycles waste plastics and improves road quality.

Depending on the road requirements, MacRebur has different polymer modified asphalt solutions. Roads used in heavy goods vehicles and buses require high-pressure surfaces that can withstand the extra weight and braking forces generated by larger vehicles, while pedestrians and bicycle lanes do not require additional strength and can be covered with simpler polymer-modified asphalt.
      The project has been implemented on the roads in the UK, and MacRebur hopes to spread the technology globally, changing the way road construction and plastic recycling.
      Burn it, new energy plastic
      American mechanical engineers increase the output of biodiesel by adding waste plastics to the fuel. In the experiment, engineers dissolved polystyrene, a polymer used to make disposable foam boards and cups, into biodiesel. The results showed that as the polystyrene concentration increased, the diesel power output was at roughly the same rate. increase. Researcher Kong explained that the addition of polystyrene makes the diesel thicker and creates more pressure in the fuel injector of the generator, which injects fuel into the engine and increases its output. However, if the concentration of polystyrene exceeds 5%, the diesel output will decline.
      Experts believe that the waste polystyrene is light in weight and bulky, and it is uneconomical to transport it to a recycling plant. The technology for obtaining energy through the above methods will be superior to landfill.

3D printing, the terminator of discarded plastic bottles
       Leading 3D printer manufacturer (3D Systems) has built a 3D printer called Ekocycle, which can extrude discarded plastic bottles into silk and use it as a raw material for 3D printing to produce new products, such as mobile phone cases, small ornaments, etc. Practical items.

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