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Vacuum pump maintenance of plastic pelletizing line

1. Check the oil level frequently, and adjust it to meet the requirements if it does not meet the requirements. When the vacuum pump is running, the oil level is at the center of the oil standard.
2. Regularly check the oil quality, and if it is found that the oil has deteriorated, replace with new oil in time to ensure that the vacuum pump is working properly.
3. The oil change period should be considered according to the actual conditions of use and whether it can meet the performance requirements. Generally, when a new vacuum pump is used to pump clean and dry gas, it is recommended to change the oil once every 100 hours of work. After no ferrous metal powder can be seen in the oil, the oil change period can be extended appropriately in the future.
4. Under normal circumstances, the vacuum pump should be overhauled after 2000 hours of operation, check the aging degree of the rubber seals, check whether the exhaust valve plate is cracked, and clean up the dirt deposited on the valve plate and exhaust valve seat. Clean the parts in the entire pump cavity of the vacuum pump, such as rotors, rotary vanes, springs, etc. It is generally cleaned with gasoline and dried. After cleaning the rubber parts, wipe them with a dry cloth. When cleaning and assembling, handle with care and be careful of injury.
5. Clean the pipe in the same way to ensure that the pipe is unblocked.
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