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These costumes are actually made of plastic bottles and waste plastic bags

In the fashion trend, the use of recycled plastics to make clothing, shoes and accessories is nothing new, and big brands like Nike and Adidas have been advancing.

For example, Adidas is committed to the full use of recycled plastics from 2024, and its 2019 spring and summer clothing line will contain about 41% recycled polyester.

Driven by these big brands, the trend of fashion has gradually ignited the trend of environmental protection. Nowadays, not only big brands have entered the recycled plastics, but many niche brands have also become popular.

And look at * what trend brands have taken practical action in environmental protection materials!

Everlane paying tribute to the ocean: plastic water bottle worn on the body

Polyester, Lycra and nylon fabrics, as the main materials in the garment industry, are all derived from plastics. When these synthetic fibers are washed, a small amount of “microplastics” will fall off and be discharged through the drain pipe. *The final plastic particles are washed in. In the ocean.

Everlane founder Michael Preysman, who has always focused on the marine environment, has been committed to protecting the marine environment since its inception.

For example, when the * denim series was launched last year, it focused on reducing water pollution from dyes and chemicals; when producing silk shirts, it used "clean silk" and did not contain toxic dyes.

The new coat collection, called ReNew, is made up of about 3 million plastic water bottles (so far) collected from landfills and beaches, and then re-synthesized.

ReNew materials have also been in production and development. Everlane also works with institutions in Taiwan and Japan to collect used plastic water bottles.

The bottles are sorted by color (currently only transparent bottles are used), and then various treatments are carried out, from rinsing, sterilizing, to large Pulverizers, pulverizing, melting, spinning into spun yarns and filling and making garments.

Marks & Spencer: an eco-friendly shopping bag that helps protect the environment and reduce poverty

Marks & Spencer (M&S) partnered with Plastic Bank to launch a new eco-friendly shopping bag that, while contributing to environmental protection, will also help reduce waste of resources in Haiti and the Philippines and help local people get rid of poverty.

The new eco-friendly shopping bag is made from 75% of Social Plastic©, a waste plastic that is collected and recycled by the social enterprise Plastic Bank, which is committed to preventing marine plastic pollution.

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