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The non-woven/nylon fiber recycling granulation production line

The non-woven/nylon fiber recycling granulation production line recycles and granulates non-woven fabrics such as waste, scrap, scraps, and defective products, polyester fiber fabrics, and nylon fibers, so that the waste plastics can be recycled. According to the customer's returning materials, we can select standard models, and we can design non-standard models according to different needs of customers. Zhangjiagang Antron Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has more than 15 years of professional design experience and more than 10 years of production and sales experience, whether it is from The appearance of the product or the performance of the product exceeds the peers. At the same time, the company has a group of professional after-sales service. Whether you are a domestic customer or a national customer, we can go to the customer factory for maintenance service.

There are many expansions in fiber, such as nylon fiber, chemical fiber, PA6 fiber separated from tires, etc.

Therefore, this plastic granulator is not a non-woven granulator or a chemical fiber granulator, a nylon granulator, etc.

The non-woven/nylon fiber recycling granulation production line is a fully automatic granulator, which is completed from feeding, crushing, conveying and granulating at one time. The extruder can select venting holes or no venting holes according to the characteristics of the material. Granular method (stretching of pellets, hot-cutting of water ring grinding, hot-cutting of air-cooled grinding surface, underwater pelletizing) can be configured according to user needs, single-plate double-station changing device, no downtime, large filtration area.
Advantages: Broken, conveying, granulating one-stop, assembly line configuration, saving labor and improving efficiency, equipment configuration is excellent, full-featured, comprehensive indicators and performance are very good, high degree of automation, suitable for professional users with certain strength and scale Use. The equipment has good adaptability, and all kinds of conventional plastic granulation can be adapted almost. The energy consumption ratio of the equipment, the quality of the finished product and the comprehensive competitive advantage are obvious. There are no common faults or problems common to ordinary granulators.
Disadvantages: There are many supporting automation equipments, which are suitable for specific users. The average user needs to simplify the configuration, and the equipment investment budget should be relatively high.
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