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The difference between soft and hard non-woven fabrics

There are actually many kinds of non-woven fabrics, such as new materials, ordinary materials, peritoneal materials and so on.
In terms of feel, it is actually the difference between soft and hard. Let me introduce you to the difference between soft and hard non-woven fabrics.
Nowadays, there are more rigid materials on the market. In fact, making the fabric soft or hard is achieved by controlling the temperature during the production process. The material produced at high temperature will be softer, on the contrary it will be harder.
The soft material feels very soft, close to the real knitted fabric, the fabric has good toughness, strong tensile force, and is not easy to tear, but the hand feels thinner when the fabric is soft. After the fabric is hard, the same heavy fabric feels much thicker than the material, and many bad non-woven bag manufacturers use this to cut corners. Since the non-woven fabric is also produced from plastic pellets, if it is too hard, the tensile force is obviously not good, and it is very easy to break.
Therefore, when customizing non-woven fabrics, customers must first locate their own requirements. If the feel and appearance are important, then rigid fabrics should be made. If you pay more attention to the load-bearing and tensile strength of non-woven fabrics, you generally choose soft materials, which will be better if they are firm.
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