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Technical characteristics of waste PP/PE film and woven bag cleaning and recycling line

1. Suitable for all kinds of films and PP woven bags with sediment content up to 80%;
2. Adopt circulating water system to control water flow and evaporation while ensuring cleaning effect;
3. The core part of the pretreatment module adopts wear-resistant design to ensure the continuous operation of the system for a long time;
4. The pre-crushing and pre-washing system efficiently removes most of the sediment and other impurities, protects subsequent equipment, and greatly increases the service life of the fine crushing and cleaning system;
5. The fine crushing system is designed specifically, the size of the crushed film is uniform and easy to clean;
6. The high-speed centrifugal cleaning system applies corresponding blade strikes to different materials at a suitable rotation speed to achieve the cleaning effect;
7. The drum of the cleaning tank is designed for high-pressure underwater cleaning, which can remove residual impurities to a large extent; the claw-type uniform speed discharge ensures uniform discharge while controlling the water content, which provides the process basis for the dehydration module; 8. Centrifugal dehydration, screw extrusion The thin film drying technology that combines dry and high temperature hot air strictly controls the moisture content of the finished product within 5%, which is suitable for high-quality granulation requirements;
9. After theoretical calculations and multiple actual measurements, the details of the mechanical operation of the crushing, cleaning and drying links are adjusted to avoid material loss due to excessive processing;
10. The entire line is automatically controlled, and the units of the system are associated with each other to maximize the production capacity and have a predictive function for possible abnormal situations to ensure the safety of the system;
11. Corresponding granulation system can be equipped according to production requirements.
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