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Single screw parallel twin screw material

The various screws and barrels produced by the company strictly select high-quality materials

Basic material 38CrMoAlA
Alloy material  Iron-based alloy
                        Drill base alloy
                        Tungsten carbide alloy
Treatment method
                     Induction hardening
                     Nitriding treatment
                     Hard chrome plating
                     Spray welding alloy
                     Centrifugal Casting Alloy
Technical parameters 

                     Nitriding depth: 0.5-0.8mm
                     Nitriding hardness: 900-1000HV
                     Nitriding brittleness: less than level 1
                     Surface roughness: Ra0.4
                     Screw straightness: 0.015mm
                     Hardness after chrome plating: 0.025-0.085mm
                     Depth of alloy layer: 3mm

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