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Several Measures to Improve the Moisture Content of Water Ring Granulator machine

In the use of the water ring granulating and cutting machine, because the medium after cooling and cutting is water, there is naturally a problem of residual water on the surface of the plastic particles after the granulation, and the water on the surface of the plastic particles directly affects the finished product The quality of the pellets!

The main measures taken are as follows:
1. The back of the water ring pelletizer is equipped with a centrifugal dewatering machine or a dewatering vibrating screen to separate most of the particles from the water;

2. The water ring pelletizing dehydrator comes with a water tank to increase the water temperature automatic control device to ensure that the temperature of the cooling water is between 40 and 50 ℃, so that the plastic particles can maintain a certain temperature under the premise of ensuring cooling, which is beneficial to the dehydration and wind During the delivery process, use the temperature of the particles to volatilize the surface water of the particles;

3. The water ring granulation and cutting unit is equipped with a one-stage or two-stage air delivery system behind the centrifugal dehydrator (dehydration vibrating screen) to further volatilize the water during the cooling process;

4. According to the different characteristics of different plastic particles, the method of lengthening the length of the chute and appropriately lengthening the length of the air duct can be adopted to meet the requirements of different plastic particles for the moisture content.

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