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SHR series high speed mixing unit operating procedures

1. The entire set of SHR high-speed mixer equipment should be placed horizontally to ensure that the ground contacting the bottom of the equipment is level to avoid abnormal jitter of the equipment caused by uneven ground and damage to the equipment.
2. Check whether there is any foreign matter inside the mixer, and remove the foreign matter immediately.
Preparation before starting
1. Connect power, air and water respectively. Check whether the rotation of the motor is correct. If not, replace any two of the three-phase wires; check whether the waterway is unblocked and see if there is any leakage; check whether each cylinder can work normally.
2. Add cooling water to the interlayer of the pot wall of the high-speed mixer. The high-speed mixer is first connected to the cooling water, the lower water inlet, and the upper water outlet.
3. Turn on the cooling water before starting the machine.
Turn on and turn off steps
1. First start feeding (through the feeding port on the lid of the high-speed mixer or open the lid directly), then start the motor of the high-speed mixer, and set the material temperature to 80-100°C (the specific temperature depends on the material characteristics), Start self-friction mixing. When the temperature is reached, the motor stops running, and then turns on the chiller to start cooling the materials in the mixer. When the temperature is reached, the discharge valve is automatically opened to start discharging. After discharging, close the valve and start For the second mixing, work cyclically in this order.
2. When stopping work, first wait for the material in the mixer to be drained, then close the discharge valve, and finally close the mixing motor and the chiller.
Temperature setting and mixing time
1. The hot mixing time is generally 15-18 minutes for the first pot, 10-12 minutes for the second pot, and 10-12 minutes for cold mixing. The specific mixing time is related to the temperature setting.
2. The temperature of hot and cold mixing is set according to the characteristics of the material. Generally, the hot mixing temperature is set at 110-120℃, and the cold mixing temperature is set at 40-45℃.
1. Each pot does not add more than 170KG.
2. The electrical control box must be kept dry and not damp to avoid leakage.
3. Do not carry water on your hands when operating the buttons to prevent electric shock accidents.
4. Non-operators should not touch any switches.
5. If there is a fault that needs to be overhauled, the main power supply should be cut off and a prohibition sign should be hung up.
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