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Recycled PET plastic bottle washing machine and steps

First, the label of the bottle body is removed by the "de-labeling machine"
Then go through the "plane sorting conveyor" to pick out the variegated bottles in the material (such as green bottles, blue bottles, residual impurities, etc.)
Then enter the "shredder" for crushing, and then enter the "rinsing water tank" for separation (to achieve the separation of PET bottle flakes, PP label paper, and bottle caps)
After the separation is clean, enter the "high temperature pot" for heating and cleaning, and then enter the "rinsing tank" for rinsing (remove the cleaning agent in the high temperature heating)
Finally, it enters the "dewatering machine" and directly packs it after dehydration.
In view of the large output and high level of bottle flakes, we can pass the pre-washing process of the whole bottle, the de-standard sorting process, the initial crushing process, the initial washing separation process, the high temperature cleaning process, the neutralization cleaning process, the rinsing and drying process, and the bottle flake selection process. Wait for the complete cleaning process to reach high-precision film.
This process is a regular process. According to different production locations and different output requirements, our factory can also design different production plans according to customer needs.

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