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Processing principle of plastic film dewatering machine

The principle of plastic film dehydration machine processing:
1. The effective waterway design scheme of this equipment exceeds water conservation and low water consumption.
2. There are heating system software and temperature control equipment under the cleaning of the water storage tank and the main water tank, which is convenient for adjusting the temperature to exceed the actual cleaning effect.
3. The transportation equipment adopts continuously variable speed, and the conveyor chain speed is 0.77 meters/adjustable to take into account the cleaning regulations under different standards.

The plastic film dehydration machine uses spiral, pull up, separate and dry, automatic feeding and feeding at one time. It is a machine and equipment suitable for polyester sheets, cable sheaths, and pipe materials.

The operation of the equipment causes a large centripetal force, which can easily solve the vibration and reduce the cleaning noise. Therefore, the water is thrown out according to the small round hole on the inner tank, and is discharged uniformly after being collected.

The main belt seat bearing of the oil-free transformer arrangement is matched with high-quality rolling bearings and imported high-grade three-speed moisture-proof sealing ring, which has strong sealing characteristics, strong installation resistance, and maintenance-free.

 In general, a stainless steel product will last at least 3-5 years longer than a carbon steel product machine. Purchasing stainless steel plastic film dehydrator processing can solve the problem of product rust, and can greatly increase its service life
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