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Precautions when installing oil pump for waste plastic granulator equipment

Precautions when installing oil pump for waste plastic granulator equipment

1 The cylinder with a large stroke should be supported at the middle of the cylinder and the piston rod to prevent the self-weight from being bent downward.

2 The sealing ring of the plastic granulator cylinder should not be installed too tightly, especially the o-ring seal. If it is too tight, the resistance of the piston rod will increase.

3 The center line of the cylinder should be concentric with the line of action of the load force to avoid causing a positive force, otherwise the seal or piston is subject to wear.

4 caused by wear and seizure.

5 Before the plastic granulator is installed, it is necessary to carefully inspect the processing quality of the shaft end, the hole lock, etc., chamfer and remove the burrs, then wash and dry with kerosene or gasoline.

6 Plastic granulator In the case of large stroke and high ambient temperature, the cylinder can only be fixed at one end, and the other end can be freely stretched to prevent the cylinder from deforming due to thermal expansion.

7 The sliding surface of the mounting surface and the piston should maintain a certain degree of parallelism and verticality.

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