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Polyester PET bottle granulation production equipment

Polyester PET bottle granulation production equipment

What is the polyester bottle? Polyester bottle production equipment The current mineral water bottle and Coke bottle is made of polyethylene terephthalate, referred to as polyester, the English name is polyethyleneterephthalate, English abbreviation PET. Therefore, the PET bottle and the PET bottle are the same.

Pet bottle tablets are mainly used in the manufacture of fiber, sheet and non-food packaging bottles. Due to the two-time processing, the waste plastics are various in variety and form, and many methods of recycling have been created in practice.
General beverage packaging such as Coke bottles are made by PET blow molding. You are right. PET is polyethylene terephthalate. Because the crystallization rate is too slow, it is generally transparent when it is thin, and he It has good chemical resistance, so it can block carbon dioxide. In addition, PET materials are also widely used in various fields, such as our mobile phone lenses, buttons are used, some flexible circuits, that is, the circuit cable connected to the LCD is also used by him, there are many logos to do with this, Even protective equipment such as helmets are useful, but this thing is more environmentally friendly, but it does not generally produce ethylhexylamine.
Polyester slice" is a plastic material

According to different properties can be used to manufacture: beverage bottles (such as: Coca-Cola bottles), fiber filaments (such as: polyester fiber).
Polyester bottle product classification:

Water bottle grade polyester chips - mineral water bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetic bottles

Carbonated bottle grade polyester chips - carbonated beverage bottles

Hot-fill bottle grade polyester chips - hot-filled beverage bottles

Oil bottle grade polyester chips - mineral water bottles, oil bottles

Bottle sheet general performance requirements

For water bottles, the bottle should have low heavy metal, good hue, stable viscosity, good transparency during the bottle making process, low thermal degradation, and low acetaldehyde content to ensure the unique taste of various waters.

For oil bottles, the general oil bottle has a large capacity and the bottle wall is relatively thick. Therefore, in addition to the hygiene and strength requirements, the oil bottle flakes must have more suitable crystallization properties to ensure the transparency of the preforms and bottles; The cooking oil has a certain brownish yellow color, and the hue of the bottle must match.

For hot-filled bottles, the bottle should have low heavy metal content, low acetaldehyde content, good hue and stable viscosity. It must also require high orientation and stable crystallization performance during heat setting treatment under the general working conditions of the bottle making machine. In order to ensure that the product has low shrinkage and low deformability during hot filling.

For carbonated beverage bottles, in addition to hygienic requirements, due to the fast filling speed and high inflation pressure, the products are required to have high mechanical strength and appropriate crystallization properties.

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