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Plastic squeeze machine features

Plastic squeeze machine features

Features: It is suitable for the extrusion and dehydration of various PP/PE film, woven bag, ton bag and other materials. The machine adopts a unique squeezing and plasticizing integrated structure design to heat and pre-plasticize the material after squeezing. The pellets are then granulated into plastic granules for direct use in the granulation system. This model is widely used in cleaned materials. Compared with the traditional drying system, it can greatly reduce the power consumption, and the final water content is less than 1%, which effectively saves costs.
Squeezing machine features:

1. Special gearbox structure, special screw design, special extrusion principle, can be continuously produced;

2. After squeezing, the material is directly into 3-5cm irregular coarse grain, without any moisture;

The extruded water flows out of the mesh, and the material is subjected to excessively high-strength extrusion friction to generate heat, and then can be lightly plasticized by secondary heating of the die. Finally, it is directly formed by blade dicing;

3. Does not affect the original fat solubility index of the material.

4. After the secondary twin-screw granulating machine, it can be directly put into the granulator for granulation without the need of a forced feeder.

5. Stupid operation, low noise, low maintenance cost

6. Squeezing machine Suitable for all film plastics

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