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Plastic pollution tends to be severe

At the European Gastroenterology Conference in Vienna, Austria, a study reported that up to nine microplastics were detected in human excreta for the first time, between 50 and 500 microns in diameter (a human hair, diameter) It is 100 microns). This research shows that plastic can reach the human stomach.

Prior to this, there were enough public reports about plastic pollution, but in the eyes of people, this seems to be a problem that has little to do with them so far. Despite repeated media reports in recent years, the creatures in the deep sea have died because they have eaten floating plastics. For most people, plastic pollution is far from enough to cause pain.

Now, "plastics can reach the human stomach," and scientists have further warned that the smallest microplastics can enter the blood, lymphatic system, and even the liver. Microplastics in the intestines can also affect the immune response of the digestive system. The results of such research are indeed shocking.

Low cost, easy to use, easy to manufacture, light weight, and stable physicochemical properties, plastic was once considered one of the "most successful" materials ever created by humans. And because of these "advantages", the demand and output of plastics in human life are very amazing, and most of them are also used as disposables with extremely short service life.

The amount of use is huge, but it is discarded at will, so plastic waste is generated in large quantities, so that how to manage it has become a worldwide problem. June 5th is World Environment Day. The theme of World Environment Day in 2018 locks in plastic pollution and calls on all countries in the world to work together to fight the problem of disposable plastic pollution.

Around the plastic pollution, governments have begun to act. China’s “plastic limit order” has been implemented for 10 years, and it is necessary to change the “limit” to “forbidden” according to the new situation. A recent EU proposal calls for the ban on the production and sale of disposable plastic products such as disposable tableware, cotton swabs and straws within the EU from 2021.

The government is in action, what can ordinary people do? In a word, try to reduce the use of plastic products. This may seem simple, but it is not easy, because it means making some changes to the way individuals consume and habits.
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