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Plastic granulator is more important in the process of energy saving, environmental protection and pollution control of waste plastic granulator equipment

Serious energy and environmental challenges, coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept as the guiding ideology, long-term energy development strategy and scientific and technological development planning, energy and environmental development strategy, and pointed out that the development direction and technology of plastic granulators must explore new Road to the development of plastic granulator technology. Compared with other operations in industrial and agricultural production, plastic granulators are particularly urgent in the process of energy saving and pollution control tasks.

Motor is the energy of the plastic granulator, which is transferred from the heater to the cold plastic, and the plastic is plasticized from a solid. The surface temperature of the feeding hopper and screw is very low. The surface of the tank feeding area, however, is always within the plasticizing range. By contacting the particles and cooling, but the heat is transferred backwards through the heat transfer front end, heating and maintenance can be controlled. Even with viscous frictional heat, making the current end without the need for cylinder heat input, it may be necessary to turn on the heater and feed tube.

The operation of plastic granulators involves a wide range of national economies. It is not only an indispensable basic production of a large number of industrial and agricultural products, plastic granulators are also China's large energy consumption, in addition, the pollution and It is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. The progress of plastic granulator technology has a very close relationship with the development of the entire national economy. Serious energy and environmental challenges, China mainly produces waste plastic pelletizer production line equipment, and constantly develops new types of granulators, shredders, film blowing machines, etc., to do something within the waste plastic recycling industry. Things that reduce the burden on the environment and turn waste into treasure.

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