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Planetary screw extruder

The three parts, the central screw, the planetary small diameter screw and the outer barrel with threaded teeth, are combined to form the mixing and plasticizing mechanism of the planetary screw. Their thread pitch, thread depth, and vertical cross-section tooth profile meshing angle are all equal; the pitch circle distance from the outer spiral tooth is also equal; the center distance between each planetary screw is equal and larger than the diameter of the planetary screw to avoid meshing transmission. Interference phenomenon occurs. These data are the necessary working parameters to ensure the normal meshing and rotation of this group of planetary screws.

The planetary screw mixes and plasticizes the raw materials: the raw materials pushed to the planetary section by the feed section threads, under the continuous strong push of the screw feed at the rear, move to the extruding position of the front head of the screw, from the center screw and the machine. The internal thread teeth between the cylinders and the planetary small-diameter screw teeth that mesh with it pass through; due to the continuous rotation of each screw in the planetary screw, the raw material is strongly squeezed, rolled and sheared in the inter-engaging and rotating thread gap. A variety of forces cause the raw materials to be constantly turned and mixed in this section, and finally become a molten state, which is uniformly plasticized, and is gradually pushed to the front section of the screw and extruded from the die.
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