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PET waste silk polyester recycling granulator

PET waste silk polyester recycling granulator

Polyester granulator working process

Various polymer materials are added to the continuous mixer through a quantitative feeder, and are fed to the mixing section by the rotor feed section thread. In the rotor mixing section, the material is first pushed forward by the portion of the thread that is threaded to the feed section, and the portion of the thread that is associated with the discharge section forces the material to move in the opposite direction. In this way, the material accumulates here and is sheared, rolled, pulverized, melted and mixed. As new materials are continuously added, the already mixed materials are eventually forced to move to the discharge section and discharged through the discharge door.

Main models: ZS20, ZS36, ZS waste wire granulator polyester granulator pet granulator pet granulator 52, ZS60, ZS65, ZS72, ZS75, ZS95, etc.;

Main motor power: 5.5KW - 250KW;

Length to diameter ratio L/D: 28:1 - 56:1;

Screw material: high speed tool steel W6Mo5Cr4V2;

Mandrel material: alloy steel 40CrNiMoA;

Cylinder material: 45# steel is the base body, and the inner hole of the crucible is made of high quality double alloy bushing;

Pelletizing method: water strip, air-cooled surface hot cut, water ring grinding surface hot cut, air-cooled strip;

Configuration: volumetric feeder; lubrication system; internal and external cooling circulation system; vacuum system; network changing system; heating system; main control system; power system; auxiliary system;

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