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PE plastic recycled granule and method

The environmentally-friendly recycled plastic granule and the preparation method thereof are characterized in that the waste gas recovery plastic powder, the plant fiber starch, the talcum powder, the binder and the glycerin are included, and the mass ratio thereof is 40-50% of the waste gas recovery plastic, and the plant fiber starch 20- 25%, talc 15-22%, binder 3_8%, glycerin 10-20%.
Plastic granules are processed from high-pressure polyethylene (PE) and are widely used in daily production, construction, clothing, and agriculture. But today's plastic granules are chemical products, and producers have reduced chemistry in order to reduce production costs. Raw materials in raw materials, today's plastic pellets have low production costs, but today's plastic pellets are not easily degraded. After being buried in the ground, they will degrade after a long time, which will cause harm to the environment.
An environmentally-friendly plastic regenerated granule and a preparation method thereof, characterized in that the invention comprises an exhaust gas recovery plastic powder, a plant fiber starch, a talcum powder, a binder and a glycerin, wherein the mass ratio is 40-50% of the waste gas recovery plastic, the plant fiber starch 20-25%, talc 15-22%, binder 3_8%, glycerin 10-20%. The steps are as follows: (1) firstly cleaning the discarded recycled plastic;
(2) drying the discarded recycled plastic after drying using a dryer;
(3) putting the discarded recycled plastic after drying into a Pulverizer for pulverization;
(4) Weigh the raw materials according to the above ratio and then put them into the mixer for stirring;
(5) The granulated material is then granulated in a raw material plastic recycling apparatus.
The method utilizes waste recycled plastic powder as a main raw material, saves a large amount of raw materials, and avoids environmental pollution caused by waste plastics. The raw materials also include plant fiber starch, talcum powder, adhesive, and glycerin. The plant fiber starch is non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, and self-degradable under natural conditions after being discarded, without causing major damage to the environment. At the same time, the increased talc powder can improve the breathability of the finished plastic pellets. The added adhesion can be that the raw materials are well bonded together to ensure the stability of the particles.

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