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Operating matters of plastic granulator

1. Before starting the plastic granulator, check whether the gate of the barrel is closed. It is required to squeeze out the material when it is stopped, and the barrel does not store material.

2. The process requires heating before starting up, the pvc plastic temperature zone is 90°-100°, 130°-145°, 160°-170°170°-175°, and the head is 160°-170°.

3. After the temperature of the plastic granulator reaches the required temperature, it can be turned on at a constant temperature of 10 minutes/minute to 15 minutes/minute. Open the material door to check the granulation cutter and the granulation condition. If the granulation does not meet the requirements, stop the machine and adjust the cutting. Knife, it is strictly prohibited to start adjustment.

4. Check whether the main parts of the equipment are normal. Power distribution part, heating part; head part; motor, plastic film recycling granulator, reducer part; screw and barrel part.

5. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves during operation to prevent twisting hands. Keep the equipment site clean and free of debris. ---Check whether the equipment is operating normally, find problems and solve them in time.
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