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New technology enables efficient conversion of plastic waste into aviation fuel

New technology enables efficient conversion of plastic waste into aviation fuel

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, June 3 (Reporter Zhou Zhou) Washington State University announced on the 3rd that researchers and colleagues have developed a method to convert daily plastic waste into aviation fuel, which is expected to turn waste into treasure in the future. The research report has been published online in the UK's Applied Energy magazine.

The researchers milled polyethylene materials such as mineral water bottles, bottles, and plastic bags into rice-sized pieces and placed them on the catalyst activated carbon. In the tubular reactor, “baking” at a high temperature of 430 degrees Celsius to 571 degrees Celsius, these fragments can eventually be converted into 85% jet fuel and 15% diesel fuel.

Researchers say there are many hydrogen atoms in plastics, which are an important part of fuel. However, plastics are difficult to degrade, and only by adding a catalyst can they break their chemical bonds and convert them into fuel.

Lei Hanwu, an associate professor at Washington State University, told Xinhua that this method can convert 500 kilograms of plastic into 350 kilograms of fuel, of which 300 kilograms is aviation fuel, and can produce flammable gases such as hydrogen, methane, ethane and propane. . Using this method, almost all of the available energy in the plastic can be collected, and the energy quality is good, and the process is suitable for mass production.

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