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Mold operation and maintenance

Operation method of dismantling and assembling mold:

 Disassembly and assembly of screws and nuts: clockwise is tight, anti-clockwise is loose (the direction of the screw tightening of the special mold may be changed).

The disassembly and assembly of screws and nuts must be symmetrical one by one, and after all the screws are loosened in diagonal order, then any one of them can be removed one by one.

To install screws and nuts, first apply high-temperature grease [such as two-fluidized molybdenum oil (powder), etc.] on the thread openings of the screw and nut, and then screw them all in place, symmetrically one by one, in diagonal order. Depending on the size of the screw, you can add a suitable amount. The lever sets and locks the wrench.

 Demolition: According to the production plan, the person in charge will direct it. Before disassembling the mold, add or not add a little stopping material according to the actual situation, try to extrude the material produced in the barrel until the die mouth, according to the production or use judgment, whether to disassemble the mold half or disassemble the mold.

Dismantling and dismantling the mold: After disassembling the outer mold body, shunt bracket, mandrel and other parts of the full set of molds, take out the remaining materials, clean up the sticky materials and miscellaneous materials on each part, and check that the mold is intact and coated with anti-corrosion Rust oil, put together a complete set of molds, and put them on the designated mold rack.

 Half-demolition: According to the production arrangement and mold structure, it is determined that only the mold of the mandrel die needs to be replaced, and the half-demolition is carried out, that is, the die and the pressure plate are removed, and the mandrel tie rod nut or the mandrel connecting teeth are loosened. Remove the mandrel and clean the material to the position where the mandrel can be replaced (the material may expand due to heat at this time). Install the mandrel and die that are ready for replacement. Then clean up the removed die. If it is damaged and need to be repaired, apply anti-rust oil and place it on the designated die rack.
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