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How to use masterbatch

The use of color masterbatch is very simple. It only needs to be mixed with resin particles according to the specified ratio and mixed by hand.

Pay attention to the following issues in the operation of the equipment:

1.1. The mixing cavity of an injection molding machine or an extruder generally has multiple temperature zones. The temperature of the section near the blanking port should be slightly higher. This is to make the color masterbatch melt quickly after entering the mixing cavity and mix with the plastic resin as soon as possible. The mixing is uniform, which is conducive to the good dispersion of the masterbatch pigment in the product.

1.2. Appropriate back pressure is applied to the injection molding machine, which can improve the mixing effect of the screw and facilitate the dispersion of pigments. The side effect of applying back pressure is to slow down the injection speed.

1.3. Properly increase the temperature of the die head of the extruder to increase the brightness of the product.
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