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How to recycle waste plastic bottles

At present, most of the mineral water bottles and carbonated beverage bottles on the market are composed of polyester (PET), which is not easy to break, low cost, high transparency, and safe to use.

In life, we cannot do without all kinds of plastic bottles. Many plastic beverage bottles will be sent to the recycling bin after a short stay in our hands. So do you know where the empty beverage bottles ended up?

The polyester used in the plastic bottle is the same raw material as the polyester fabric and polyester fabric mentioned in the textile industry. Approximately 80% of the recycled plastic bottles will be used in the textile industry, which is called recycled fiber inside the industry.

Turning plastic bottles into recycled fibers is not a simple process. In terms of preparation, there are currently two main processing methods for this green fiber. One is to use recycled materials such as recycled bottle flakes through crystallization, drying, screw melt extrusion, two-stage high-precision filtration technology and other technologies to prepare recycled polyester.

The other is to completely reduce the recycled waste clothes to monomer molecular level through chemical alcoholysis, filter to remove impurities, and then polymerize them into PET chips, and finally spin them into fibers.
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