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How to maintain the plastic shredder waterproof

The plastic shredder is specially designed to meet the needs of customers in producing wood flour products, and belongs to the wood flour preparation stage in the wood-plastic production process. The material shredded by the wood shredder is used directly after the shredder. The particle diameter reaches 6-8mm. The cutter of the shredder is a vulnerable part and needs to be replaced. The cutter of the shredder is more expensive, so for use Economical and practical, shredder manufacturers recommend that users purchase a set of spare cutters when purchasing shredder equipment, when the cutters need to be replaced.

The plastic shredder should be waterproof, how to maintain it? The metal shredder, like other machines, should be moisture-proof and waterproof. The machine is made of iron. Iron is afraid of water. Although the surface is painted, many parts of the interior are not painted, so you should pay attention to moisture-proof and waterproof. When processing raw materials, we will find that simple things are easy to shred, and the efficiency of shredding is high, and the quality is good, but for damp things, such as wood and metal shredders, the efficiency of shredding is better than dry wood. The wood should be low.

Because wet raw materials tend to stick together when they are shredded, corresponding resistance is generated and the shredding effect is affected. Moreover, long-term processing of these wet things will corrode the internal parts of the machine and easily rust, which will further affect the processing efficiency. Therefore, two points should be avoided. One is long-term processing of wet and water-containing raw materials, and the other is often rainwater. Even simple machinery in daily life, such as bicycles, will rust and be damaged in the rain for a long time. Therefore, avoiding water ingress and splashing is the basic common sense to maintain the machine.

If it is not used for a long time, lubricating oil can be applied to key parts such as bearings to prevent corrosion by moisture in the air
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