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How to improve the life of the plastic extruder screw

The screw is one of the core components of the plastic extruder equipment. When we use the extruder normally, the life of the screw can sometimes restrict the life of the equipment. Therefore, we need to understand how to improve the life of the screw of the plastic extruder when using the equipment.

1. To ensure that the drive components can provide power to the screw steadily, basically cleaning the relevant parts of the extruder. For example: lubricate the various moving parts of the extruder, the iron filings or other impurities ground down after the internal gear of the reducer is running, regularly replace the reducer lubricating oil, and do a good job of recording equipment maintenance and wear.

2. After the general plastic extruder is delivered to the customer for a certain period of time, we must conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment to check the tightness of all bolts. If the threaded parts are damaged, replace them immediately to prevent the equipment from malfunctioning during normal use, and make relevant records at the same time.

3. During normal use, check the electrical instrument data regularly, and do not overload the extruder equipment.

4. If there is a sudden power failure or normal shutdown during production, when conditions permit, before the extruder is ready to start up again, each section of the barrel must be reheated to the specified temperature and kept for a certain period of time to ensure that the material in the barrel is evenly heated for a period of time It can be turned on after time.
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