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How to identify the grade and quality of plastic recycled materials

1. The surface finish is an important indicator to measure the quality of all kinds of recycled material particles. The surface of high-quality recycled materials is smooth and lubricated.
2. Transparency is an important indicator to measure the quality of mid-to-high-end recycled material particles. Transparent materials are of good quality.
3. The uniformity and consistency of the color is an important indicator to measure the quality of colored recycled material particles. White, milky white, yellow, blue, black and other colors.
4. Particle compactness is an important aspect of testing the level of regeneration process. Poor plasticization and loose particles.
5. Check whether the recycled particles are floating or sinking and the water is used to test the content of the filler of PP and PE particles. For recycled materials, different recycled materials have different uses. Because there is no uniform standard, it is difficult to formulate a unified standard to fully meet the user’s requirements. Process requirements shall prevail!

The grades of the recycled materials. The first-level recycled plastic particles means that the raw materials used are scraps that have not fallen to the ground, also called scraps, and some are nozzle materials, rubber head materials, etc., which are of good quality and have not been used. In the process of processing new materials, the remaining small corners, or recycled plastic particles whose quality is not good enough.
The recycled plastic particles processed from these wool materials have better transparency, and the quality of the recycled plastic particles can be compared with the new material, so they are called first-grade recycled plastic particles or special-grade recycled plastic particles.

Secondary recycled plastic particles refer to materials that have been used once, except for high-pressure recycled plastic particles. Most of the high-pressure recycled plastic particles use imported large parts. If the imported large parts are industrial films, they have not been exposed to wind and sun. Yes, so its quality is also very good. The processed recycled plastic particles have good transparency. At this time, it should also be judged according to the brightness of the recycled plastic particles and whether the surface is rough.
The third-grade recycled plastic pellets refer to the processed recycled plastic pellets that have been used two or more times. Their elasticity, toughness and other aspects are not very good, and they can only be used for injection molding. The primary and secondary recycled plastic particles can be used for film blowing, wire drawing and other purposes.
Special grade recycled plastic particles: close to the raw materials, 80-90% of the raw material price; first grade recycled plastic particles: 70-80% of the raw material price; secondary recycled plastic particles: 50-70% of the raw material price; third grade Material plastic particles: 30-50% of the price of raw materials. Time is divided into quality: wire drawing, film blowing, spinning, primary, secondary, injection filling, etc. Sometimes it is the same level and then grading.
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