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How to choose the plastic granulator machine

How to choose the plastic granulator machine

The country's constant attention to the circular economy, the plastic recycling industry can be said to be the sunrise industry in the 21st century. For those who just started investing in this project, they are more worried about a problem, that is, how to choose the plastic granulator that suits them. What should you pay attention to before buying the granulator? After more than 20 years of rapid development of plastic pellet machine, there are now more companies producing pellet machines. So there is a problem for investors, that is, how to choose plastic pelletizer equipment.

Plastic pellet prices climb
The plastic recycling granule project is an investment project supported by the state in recent years. The recycling of waste plastics has greatly reduced the pollution of white garbage. The processed plastic granules are also hot products on the market. Some enterprises that produce plastic products have added a large amount of waste recycled granules in the use of raw materials, because the waste plastics in the market are processed into plastic granules, which is also in line with the processing needs of some plastic products enterprises, and the cost is higher than that of new materials. In the case of a few thousand dollars, then a few thousand per ton, then a company that produces two tons per day can save millions of dollars in raw materials per year. Therefore, the consumption of waste plastic pellets on the market is in short supply, and the price of plastic pellets is also rising.

Detailed steps and methods for purchasing plastic granulator
Clearly purchase the purpose and purpose of the plastic pellet machine

There are three types of customers who buy plastic pellets. One is for individuals who are ready to invest in business, and they are private or private. The other is for companies that need to buy plastic pellets to solve the problems of scrap produced in their factories. The other is distribution. Traders, today we focus on the problems that customers who are ready to buy plastic pellets for investment and entrepreneurship should pay attention to before choosing plastic pelletizers. For example, such purchase customers must first make a mapping of their local raw material purchase market. Due to the variety of plastics, we usually use general-purpose plastic processing, unless we have a clear sales channel for specialty plastics. General-purpose plastics are mainly made of PP and PE. The raw materials of these two types of raw materials can be seen everywhere, such as pots, barrels, agricultural film, plastic film, woven bags and so on. PS foam material is relatively small, but if the local material is more, it is also a good choice. In short, before starting a business, a clearer determination should be made on the raw materials to be processed.

Determine the amount of raw materials and investment in plastic granulator equipment

After deciding the project, we should decide the investment amount according to our own local raw materials and our own economic budget. This can help us save a lot of time and have certain risks in the selection of project investment amount, so in your funds In the case of insufficient preparation, everyone must do what they can to determine the type and model of the plastic pellet machine based on the local raw materials and their own economic budget.

Collection of information on plastic granulators by various means
The early data collection is very important, let us have a certain understanding of the plastic pellet machine to be purchased. There are many ways to collect plastic pellet machines. First, you should have a general understanding of the relevant manufacturers through the network. Secondly, we can go to the factory to visit and examine the production and overall situation of the equipment. After that, we should communicate with the manufacturers we know, understand the performance of plastic pelletizers of various manufacturers, understand the price of plastic pelletizers, understand the different after-sales services of various manufacturers, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of plastic pelletizers produced by different manufacturers. . Generally determine the manufacturers that they prefer.

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