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How do all kinds of plastics in life distinguish them

How do all kinds of plastics in life distinguish them

First, the difference between the names of various types of plastics (plastic granulator) (plastic pellet machine)

1. Authentic material: the genuine raw materials produced by the factory that meet the standards. It is the main product circulating from the formal channels in the market.

2. Spout material: mainly refers to the remaining part of the plastic part to be broken, which is broken, that is, broken material, there is also a nozzle, a secondary nozzle.

3. Recycling: refers to the recycling of granulated materials. It can be scrap or waste granulation. It refers to the raw materials that have been recycled by the machine. The recycling is called returning, and the recycling is also called returning.

4. Sub-card materials: refers to the relative brand materials, they do not meet the test standards when they leave the factory. Compared with the real cards, they can not reach certain indicators, but they can still be used.

5. Recycled material: A general term for recycled granules. It is similar to the return of the material, but the scope of the recycled material is more extensive. Recycled materials basically have unstable indicators and are very risky to use, but the price is basically only half of the positive materials.

Second, the classification of waste plastics

1. LDPE (low density high pressure polyethylene):

Sensory identification: soft to the touch, white and transparent, but the transparency is general, often with tape and printed words. (Note: Tape and printed characters are inevitable, but be sure to control their content, as these will affect the price in the market)

Identification of combustion: yellow and blue on the burning flame; smokeless when burning, smell of paraffin, melted and dripped, easy to draw.

2.EVA (polyethyl-ethyl acetate):

Sensory identification: soft surface, tensile strength is stronger than LDPE, feel sticky (but no glue on the surface); white transparent, high transparency, sensory and feel similar to PVC film should be distinguished.

Combustion identification: the same smell of paraffin as LDPE when burning, slightly sour; burning flame on yellow under blue; smokeless when burning. Melt dripping, easy to draw. Note: This product is one of the PE types, the price is the same as LDPE, it can be used for regenerating granulation, and the quality requirements are the same as PE.

3.PP (polypropylene):

Sensory identification: This product is white transparent and has higher transparency than LDPE.

Identification of combustion: When burning, the flame is yellow and blue, smells like oil, melts and drops, and there is no black smoke when burning.

4.PET (polyester):

Sensory identification: This product is white and transparent, with a hard touch and a sound when it is smashed. Appears like PP.

Identification of combustion: black smoke when burning, flame jumping phenomenon after burning, black carbonization on the surface of the material after burning, black charcoal after burning of fingers,

The carbide is in the form of a powder.

5.PVC film (polyvinyl chloride):

Sensory identification: The appearance is very similar to EVA but flexible.

Identification of combustion: black smoke when burning, extinguished from fire, the burning surface is black, no melting dripping phenomenon.

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