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How Waste plastic bottles washing clean

Waste plastic bottles (beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cola bottles, etc.) can be seen everywhere, where did they go to last? According to statistics, my country’s plastic production exceeds 30 million tons per year, and more than 20 million tons are recycled. Therefore, after analyzing the composition of plastic products, it is found that whether it is economic value or environmental value, the PET bottle flake washing line has a lot of room for improvement in the secondary use of plastic bottles.

The biggest difficulty in the PET bottle flake washing line is the process flow, crushing and cleaning technology. The recycling line consists of several main links: garbage sorting (automatic and manual), label stripping, bottle crushing, and bottle flake cleaning (rinsing, hot washing and Friction washing), bottle flake dehydration and hot air drying, label separation and packaging, the general process is: de-marking-crushing-cleaning-dehydration-storage.

Features of PET bottle flake washing line

1. The high level of automation can effectively reduce labor costs (especially for three-shift work), and ensure a high output of more than 1000KG/H
2. Humanized control system (which can realize unified centralized control of PLC modules and independent operation of single machine), touch screen interface, convenient operation, convenient detection, and emergency shutdown
3. All areas in contact with plastic and water are made of 304 stainless steel to ensure that the bottle flakes will not be polluted
4. Ideal impurity separation effect. The following is customer feedback:
Humidity: ≦1.5%
PVC content: ≦200ppm
Metal content: ≦20ppm
Label, bottle cap and collar content (i.e. PE, PP): ≦240ppm
Total content: ≦560ppm

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