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Granulator installation and equipment features

Granulator installation and equipment features

Granulation system Installation method: There are two ways to install the granulation system depending on the site of use: horizontal installation and vertical installation.

Horizontal installation: The main equipment is on the same level. The material is transported horizontally by vacuum and spiral. It is easy to use and maintain, but it has a large area.

Vertical installation: According to the process, each equipment is installed in the three-dimensional direction, and the material naturally falls, which can reduce the conveying process. The installation method is compact, but the overall height is large, and the operation and maintenance are troublesome.

The practical application effect of the granulator: the wet mixing granulator mixing and spherical granulation system has achieved satisfactory results in a brake equipment company in Guangzhou, and the granulation rate of spherical particles has reached more than 95%. Prove that this line is fully suitable for granulation of friction materials.

he advantages of the granulator are as follows:

The wet mixing granulator can be used for dry powder mixing or wet material mixing, which can reduce equipment investment.

The wet mixing granulator has both mixing and dicing knives, which can be mixed and pulverized, and the mixing speed is fast (a batch of materials is less than 5 minutes), and the mixing degree is uniform.

Wet mixing The pelletizer is intermittent, but because of its high speed and high output, it can fully meet the needs of continuous operation in subsequent processes, and the production line can be continuously carried out.

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