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Factors to be considered in the design of waste plastic recycling granulator sleeve

Factors to be considered in the design of waste plastic recycling granulator sleeve

It is not an easy task to design a screw with excellent performance that meets the above criteria. When designing the screw, the following factors should be considered together:

(1) Use of plastic granulator: Before design, it should be considered for processing products, or for other purposes such as mixing, granulation or feeding. Obviously, the screw of the plastic granulator for different purposes should be designed very differently.

(2) Screw rotation number: Since the melting rate of the material largely depends on the shear rate, and the shear rate is related to the number of revolutions of the screw, this factor must be considered in the design of the screw.

(3) Structure and heating and cooling of the barrel: It can be known from the solid transportation theory that the taper and the longitudinal groove are processed on the inner wall of the feeding section barrel and the cooling is performed vigorously, which can greatly improve the solid conveying efficiency. If the barrel of this structure is used, corresponding measures must be taken in the melting section and the homogenization section to design the mast to match the melting rate and the homogenization capacity with the conveying capacity of the feeding section.

(4) Geometric shape of the die and head resistance characteristics: It can be seen from the working diagram of the plastic granulator that the mouth model property is well matched with the screw characteristics to obtain a satisfactory extrusion effect. If the pressure of the machine head is high, it is generally equipped with a screw with a shallow depth of the homogenization section; and the head resistance is low, and it needs to match the screw with a deeper groove of the homogenization section.

(5) Characteristics of materials and their geometry, size and temperature when added: The physical properties of different materials vary greatly. Therefore, the processing properties are also different, and there are different requirements for the structure and geometric parameters of the screw.

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