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Emergency plan for prevention and control of new coronavirus

Disinfection of vehicles entering the factory, various office areas, toilets, workshops

The personnel of the security department are responsible for inspection: any personnel, including those of the security department, must wear medical masks and use 75% alcohol for hand disinfection, and spray disinfected water every day on the security department and office buildings, toilets, and workshop floors;
The security department is equipped with a mercury thermometer. Any personnel entering the factory must have the body temperature checked by the security department personnel. If the body temperature exceeds 37.3℃, they are advised to seek medical treatment and perform self-isolation;
The security department is responsible for recording any personnel entering the factory, including name, place of origin, body temperature, contact information, etc.;
Any vehicle entering the factory area is responsible for spray disinfection using disinfectant water;
Business Unit:
Responsible for feedback on start time and order arrangement with customers;
Responsible for communicating with customers who have recently visited, canceling recent visits, and making arrangements after the epidemic has passed;
Responsible for communicating with the production department after the start of the delivery plan, and materials and packaging matters.
Production Department:
Responsible for the statistics of employees before starting work, the number of local employees, foreign employees, and the relatives and friends of employees, whether there is fever or epidemic around, if there is fever or epidemic, persuade them to actively treat at home and do self-isolation;
Responsible for the body temperature test of the employees entering the workshop every morning after the start of work. If the body temperature exceeds 37.3°C, persuade them to undergo treatment and self-isolation. They can only return to work after recovery;
Responsible for daily use of spray disinfection on the ground walls of the production area, and ultraviolet disinfection lamps in the dressing room and workshop after daily shifts in the workshop;
Responsible for daily physical examination of the employees in the workshop, especially those with a cold and fever, to the epidemic emergency team until the epidemic ends;
The gatekeeper is responsible for strictly managing the employees to wear medical masks before entering the workshop, and sterilizing their hands, and using 75% alcohol to sterilize their hands. It is not possible to strictly sterilize personnel and it is forbidden to enter the workshop;
Purchasing Department:
Responsible for contacting the inventory and purchase of raw materials and packaging materials in advance, and fully considering the extension of the transportation time caused by the epidemic situation or the failure to arrive;
Responsible for purchasing alcohol and chlorine dioxide in advance, because the market is in short supply, it may increase the difficulty of procurement and need to be reserved;
Responsible for contacting the purchase of medical masks and disposable gloves to maximize the production and processing needs;
Responsible for notifying outside vehicles to enter the factory area in advance, and actively accepting disinfection measures, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter.
The office is responsible for registering the registration personnel. For the registration of employees in the epidemic situation, it is necessary to carefully inquire whether there is an epidemic situation around;
Responsible for daily statistical registration personnel, including the source, to report;
Responsible for posting common sense on epidemic prevention at the factory entrance, factory bulletin board, workshop entrance, dormitory building;
Responsible for setting up special trash cans for disposable masks in the factory area for fixed-point recycling, spraying with disinfectant and discarding.
Logistics departments:
Responsible for arranging large-scale meetings, dinners, visits, and training within the company to be cancelled, and try to use video conferences to communicate;
Responsible for arranging various departments to cooperate with the body temperature examination of the security department and the production department. If the body temperature exceeds 37.3°C, consciously carry out treatment and isolate themselves;
Responsible for supervising all staff to wear medical masks and entering the office area for spray disinfection of 75% alcohol in the hand;
Responsible for opening windows regularly in the office area every morning, noon and afternoon;
Responsible for stopping unnecessary business trips during the epidemic, using telephone, WeChat, etc. If you have to travel, you must report to the area, and after the return to the factory, conduct temperature examination and hand disinfection;

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