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Electromagnetic heater

30-150 kW full-bridge electromagnetic heating control cabinet, phase-shift power adjustment, air-cooled.

Principle of electromagnetic heating technology:

 An electromagnetic heater is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into heat. The electromagnetic controller converts the 220V/380V, 50/60Hz alternating current into direct current through the rectifier circuit, and then converts the direct current into a high frequency current of 10-40kHZ through the control circuit. The current flowing through the coil will produce a changing alternating magnetic field. When the alternating magnetic field lines in the magnetic field pass through the magnetic metal (iron, cobalt, nickel) material, numerous small eddy currents are generated in the metal body, which makes the metal material itself heat at high speed, so as to achieve the purpose of heating the metal material.

The frequency converter is the core component of the high-frequency electromagnetic heater. It is an electric energy control device that uses the on-off action of the power semiconductor device to transform the industrial frequency power into another frequency. The frequency converters currently used mainly adopt the AC-DC-AC mode. First, the industrial frequency AC power supply is converted into a DC power supply through a rectifier, and then the DC power supply is converted into an AC power supply with controllable frequency and voltage to supply the motor. The circuit of the frequency converter is generally composed of four parts: rectification, intermediate DC link, inverter and control. The rectification part is a three-phase bridge uncontrollable rectifier, the inverter part is an IGBT three-phase bridge inverter and the output is a PWM waveform, and the intermediate DC link is filtering, DC energy storage and buffering reactive power.
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