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Correct operation of the plastic crusher

Correct operation of the plastic crusher

Proper operation and avoiding mistakes are the key to improving the output of plastic crushers. Vertically, the upper inlet is fed obliquely, while the fully automatic one is filled with flat feed and the output is larger. Ensure that the feeding degree is uniform, too fast or too slow, which may cause clogging or no-load rate of the Pulverizer. In the process of pulverizing the wood, the Pulverizer is easy to cause a lot of waste due to the high fineness of the powder, and waste is also the main reason for the decrease in the yield.

    The selection of the crushing material of the plastic crusher is easy to crush than the hard material, and the material with less fiber content is easier to be crushed than the material with more fiber content. The material with low water content of the pulverized material is relatively easy to be pulverized, and the harder the water content is, the more difficult it is to pulverize. Taking logs as an example, when the moisture content increases by 1.5% from 1.5%, the yield will drop by 20%. Therefore, the water content of the pulverized material should be less than 13%. And from the perspective of storage.

Under the same conditions, the high-quality blades of the plastic crusher are more thorough, more efficient, and have a longer service life. The blades of poor quality will be hot and soft under the continuous work of high strength. Thereby greatly reducing the pulverizing ability of the pulverizer.

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