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Column piston square double column four-station large-scale extrusion equipment continuous filter screen changer

The pelletizing line can adopt a variety of technologies such as plate-type non-stop screen-changing filtration, large-area plunger screen-changing, plunger plate-type screen-changing, backwashing screen-changing, and screenless filter.
Screen changer for granulation line
This series of screen changers are designed with double columns and four stations, and four networks work at the same time.
When changing the network, one network changes the network, and the three networks work. 75% of the screen change area guarantees uninterrupted material flow, can fully discharge the gas in the material, improve product quality, improve time efficiency and utilization rate, and greatly improve the filtering effect.
This product is suitable for continuous operation of high-capacity, high-efficiency, large-scale extrusion equipment, and is a good choice for product manufacturers. The new structure is designed with an online washing system, the filter washing rate is more than 80%, and it can be used repeatedly for more than 200 times

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