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Characteristics of plastic granulator and common fault repair

Characteristics of plastic granulator and common fault repair

Plastic granulator features: After the plastic is added to the hopper, the hopper falls smoothly onto the screw and is bitten by the screw thread. As the screw rotates, the thread is forced to advance toward the head to form a mechanical conveying process. When the plastic is running from the feeding port to the machine head, the thread depth of the screw is gradually reduced, and due to the resistance of the filter screen, the manifold and the head, a high pressure is formed in the plastic plasticizing process, and the material is pressed. It is very dense, improving its heat conductivity, helping the plastic to melt quickly, and gradually increasing the pressure to allow the gas originally present between the pellets to be discharged from the vent hole.

Plastic granulator is prone to failures and maintenance methods

Fault: The host current is unstable, resulting in uneven feeding, main motor bearing damage or poor lubrication, and no heating. If a certain heater fails or the phase is wrong, the screw adjustment pad is wrong and the components interfere.

Repair method: Troubleshoot, check the feeder and replace the bearing if necessary. Repair the main motor and replace the heater if necessary. Check if the heaters are working properly, pull out the screw to check the screw for interference, and check the adjustment pad.
Fault: The main motor cannot be started, the driving sequence is wrong, check whether the fuse is burned; the main motor thread has a problem; the interlocking device related to the main motor works.

Maintenance method: re-drive according to the correct driving sequence, check the sequence, check the main motor circuit, and check the status of the interlock device related to the main motor. The oil pump does not turn on and check if the lubricant pump is activated. The motor can't be turned on. After turning off the main power supply and waiting for 5 minutes, the inverter will not start again. Check whether the emergency button is reset.

Fault: The machine head is not smooth or blocked, the material is not plasticized, the heater does not work or the plastic has a wide molecular weight distribution.

Maintenance method: The operating temperature setting is low and unstable. There may be foreign matter that does not melt easily.

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