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Basic introduction of PE PPR multilayer pipe extrusion line

The production line is mainly composed of control system, extruder, die head, sizing system, traction cutting device, printer, turning frame or winder, etc.
The die of the die is a spiral die, the material racks are fully overlapped with each other, and the internal pressure distribution is more uniform.
Adopt a special vacuum sizing and spray cooling system: the vacuum sizing box has two stages, and perfect water temperature, water level, and flow control ensure high-quality pipes at the production site.
Equipped with different molds, screws and auxiliary equipment, it can produce PE, ABSPEPTPEX pipes and plastic composite pipes of two different materials.
It adopts a control system composed of PLC and large-screen color display, which has a high degree of automation. Performance characteristics of PE/PPR multilayer pipe extrusion line The unit is based on SJ-65/30 as the extruder, equipped with corresponding molds, cooling devices, and traction devices for continuous extrusion of pipes. It has the characteristics of stable quality and convenient operation. Main technical parameters (host plus one dryer and one feeder)
1. One SJ-65/30 extruder is noisy and has high torque.
2. Extrusion die The extrusion die adopts PPR plastic pipe mold, specifications ¢16-63, specific specifications: ¢16 20 25 32 40 50 63
3,6 meters vacuum sizing tank 6 meters spray water tank
4. Crawler tractor
1) Towing speed 0.5-10 meters;
2) Effective length of track contact: 1200mm or 1500mm 3) Contact method between rubber block and track: direct type, screw fastening;
5. One SJ-25 color labeling machine 1. Screw diameter 25, length-diameter ratio 25:1, motor power 2.2KW, frequency conversion control.
6. Chipless cutting machine
1) The diameter of the circular saw blade is 350mm
2) X-large cutting pipe diameter 70mm
3) Compressed air pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
4) The rotating power of circular saw blade is 1.5KW
5) Cutting machine control mode: imported PLC automatic control, reliable structure, convenient adjustment,
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