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Application of modified plastics in the home appliance industry

Application of modified plastics in the home appliance industry

With the development of home appliance market at home and abroad and the improvement of people's consumption level, the application of modified plastics in the home appliance industry is more and more extensive. Modified refrigerators appear in your refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, air conditioner, rice cooker, etc. According to industry insiders, the demand growth rate of modified plastics in the home appliance industry will remain at least 4% higher than the average growth rate of the three major white goods in the past few years.

Modified plastics are favored, by what?
Modified plastic refers to plastic products that are processed and modified by filling, blending, and strengthening methods on the basis of general-purpose plastics and engineering plastics to improve the properties of flame retardancy, impact resistance, toughness, and the like. The increasingly widespread use of modified plastics benefits from:

1. Excellent comprehensive performance: the advantages of combining traditional plastics + the advantages of some metal products.
2. Obvious cost advantage: the cost is only 1/10 of the metal, and the mold input cost is about 1/30 of the metal.
3. Development of modification technology: Compared with the development of new polymers, the modification technology has lower cost and can improve the performance of existing polymers.
4. Promotion of government policies: China's “3C” compulsory certification system, energy conservation and emission reduction policies, etc.
5. Increased consumer demand: Consumer demand for thinner, safer and more durable products requires the upstream plastics industry to provide higher performance plastic products.

Application of modified plastics in household appliances:
In the field of home appliance applications, plastics are mainly modified from mineral filling, weathering, flame retardant and glass fiber to obtain plastic products with higher performance requirements. They are widely used in household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines. .

1. Mineral filled modified plastic:
·Fridge rack
·Microwave sealing strip
·Electric rice cooker shell, base, etc.
·Speaker speaker, speaker bracket
·The inside of the washing machine, the outer bucket, the pulsator, the base, the button plate, the clothes outlet, etc.

2. Weathering modified plastic:
·Air conditioner outdoor unit casing,
·Air conditioner outdoor unit axial flow fan
·Air heater outlet

3. Flame retardant modified plastic:
·TV housing, internal components, etc.
·Washing machine control tray
·Wire controller housing
·Air duct

4. Glass fiber reinforced modified plastic:
· Rice cooker base and handle
·Electronic microwave oven
·Axial fan and cross-flow fan for refrigerators and air conditioners
·The inner barrel, pulsator, pulley, etc. of the high-speed washing machine

Modified plastics are a plastics industry that covers a wide range of areas, high technology content, and can create huge economic benefits. The home appliance industry is one of the most important downstream industries for modified plastics. With the growing demand for plastics in the home appliance industry, the application prospects of modified plastics in the field of home appliances will become more and more broad. It is not an exaggeration that modified plastics surround the homes of ordinary people.

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