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Advantages and disadvantages of plastic squeezing machine and plastic dewatering machine

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic squeezing machine and plastic dewatering machine

The material squeezer is also called plastic water squeezing machine. Its working principle is to dewater and squeeze the broken and cleaned film (agricultural film, plastic film, greenhouse film, packaging film, PP woven bag, snake skin bag, ton bag, etc.). In the form of a dough, the equipment can be used alone or in combination with a waste plastic film recycling line. The equipment is equipped with a rotating screw device, the main features are:
1. Advanced spiral extrusion technology

2. Anti-blocking, high output

3. Low noise, low maintenance frequency

4. High dehydration efficiency

5. Spiral surface is made of special wear-resistant material

6. The modular design of the cabinet is convenient for maintenance

7. A shredder can be added at the discharge to shred the material that is agglomerated due to extrusion.

8. With machine, electrical overload protection

Dewatering machine.Compared with the traditional centrifugal plastic dehydrator equipped with hot air drying equipment, this equipment has the following advantages:

1. The unique principle of squeeze drying and dehydration (squeezing and drying) solves the problem of difficult dehydration of traditional film or filament plastics;

2, the effect of squeezing is good: more than 95% guaranteed;

3, the price is extremely high;

4. Mechanical extrusion dewatering, compared with the original centrifugal dehydrator heating air drying, greatly saves power consumption and energy;

5, continuous production, high degree of automation;

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