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A major contributor to the domestic white pollution recycling plastic recycling machine production line equipment

A major contributor to the domestic white pollution recycling plastic recycling machine production line equipment

Plastic recycling machine plays an important role in various fields of economic construction because of its excellent quality, high strength, corrosion resistance and easy processing. However, with the wide application of plastics, waste plastic processing has become a difficult problem, and waste plastics It is difficult to degrade naturally, which will cause environmental pollution and also cause waste of resources, especially packaging plastics, which account for a large proportion of waste plastics. Recycling of plastic waste is a turning point for waste, and a major player in ecological pollution – plastic recycling machine.

With the development of science and technology, the ecological pollution brought by it is becoming more and more serious. The waste plastic pollution is particularly important. At present, the recycling of plastics is pulverized after the waste plastic processing plant, and then granulated and pulverized by a plastic recycling machine. The noise is large, the dust is too much, and the labor environment of the workers is poor. The screw extrusion granulation is to melt the waste plastic by friction and electric heating, and the argon is extruded by the screw, and the whole process consumes a large amount of energy.

In order to overcome the noise and dust caused by the pulverization process in the processing of the existing plastic recycling machine, improve the working conditions of workers, overcome the excessive energy consumption and reduce the energy consumption in the existing waste plastic processing, the waste plastic recycling granulator includes: preparation room , agitating shaft, upper melting chamber, frame, stirring rod, grid, spacer, lower melting chamber, spiral blade, screw, intake pipe, heating element, circulating gas inlet, fan, extrusion die, transmission mechanism.

The design principle of the plastic recycling machine: the preparation chamber is connected to the upper melting chamber through the door, the stirring rod device is agitated on the shaft, driven by the transmission mechanism, and the upper and lower melting chambers are separated by the grid. The lower part of the stirring shaft is a spiral blade, and the lower part of the melting chamber is The partition allows the heated exhaust gas to enter the inlet of the circulating gas, the inlet is connected to the air inlet of the fan, the air outlet of the fan is connected to the heating chamber, the heating element is installed in the heating chamber, and the outlet of the heating chamber is connected to the melting chamber through the intake pipe, and the transmission mechanism is a chain transmission. After the motor is decelerated by the chain drive, the stirring shaft is driven to rotate.

The advantages of the plastic recycling machine are: heating and melting the waste plastic by hot air, and the molten plastic melt is extruded and granulated by the screw, and the recycled waste plastic does not need to be pulverized, thereby avoiding the flying and noise of noise and dust. The working conditions of the workers; by controlling the hot air temperature, the plastics can be prevented from degrading due to excessive temperature during the melting process, and the hot air can be recycled, and the recycling can reduce the energy consumption.

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