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2021 new plastic squeezing machine

Main structure of squeezer
 Extrusion machine, including reducer, bearing seat, feed hopper, extrusion bin, screw, drainage bin 6, hydraulic device, oil cylinder, movable gland, fixed gland, discharge port, frame, etc.

The reducer is connected with the bearing seat, the screw is fixed in the bearing seat, the shaft end of the screw is located in the hole of the reducer, the feed inlet is installed above the extrusion bin, the bottom of the extrusion bin has dense drainage holes, and the drainage bin is connected to the extrusion bin , Drainage bins are densely covered with drainage holes, the hydraulic device is fixed on the fixed compaction bin, one end of the oil cylinder is installed on the bracket of the fixed compaction bin, the other end is fixed on the movable compaction bin, and the discharge port is fixed at one end of the fixed compaction bin , The frame is used to fix the reducer, extrusion bin and fixed compaction .

Product Instructions
    1. There are automatic control and manual control knobs on the panel. Rotate the knob manually to independently control the switch of the main engine and the action of the hydraulic cylinder.
    2. When working normally, turn the knob to automatically, and then press the main engine to start. At this time, the hydraulic pressure is first lifted up, and then pressed down.
    3. Parameter setting: Generally, the upper limit of the current set for the film is 20A, the lower limit is 18A, and the upper and lower limit current interval 2A can be fine-tuned according to the specific material, but the upper limit of the current should not be greater than 28A.
    4. Safety protection: The machine is equipped with safety protection function. When the current is greater than the upper limit for 5 seconds, it will stop and alarm. At this time, observe whether the hydraulic cylinder is lifted. If it is not lifted, select manual mode, lift the hydraulic cylinder, and then Appropriately reduce the upper and lower limit current.

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