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Plastic extruder machine there are about 5 comments faults. The following is a detailed description of the eleven faults.

1.Main motor bearing temperature rise is too high


1.The bearing is not well lubricated.Serious bearing wear

2.Check and add lubricant. Check motor bearings and replace if necessary.

2.The pressure on the nose is unstable


1.The main motor speed is not uniform.

2.Feed motor speed is uneven, feed rate fluctuates


1.Check the main motor control system and bearings

2.Check the feeding system motor and control system

3.Automatic screen changer is slow or not working


1.Low air pressure or oil pressure

2.Cylinder or hydraulic station leaking or leaking oil


1.Check the power system of the screen changer

2.Check the seal of the cylinder or hydraulic cylinder

4.Sudden drop in extrusion


1.The feeding system has failed or the hopper has not been fed.

2.The extrusion system enters the hard stuck screw, making the material unable to pass


1.Check the level of the feed system or hopper

2.Check cleaning system

5. Host current is unstable


1.Uneven feeding

2.Main motor bearing is damaged or poorly lubricated

3.A certain heater fails and does not heat up

4.Screw adjustment pad is wrong, or the phase is wrong, component interference


1.Check the feeder to troubleshoot

2.Repair the main motor and replace the bearing if necessary

3.Check that each heater is working properly and replace the heater if necessary

4.Check the adjustment pad, pull out the screw to check the screw for interference

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